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Georg Forster Award 2014
Oguz Okay received 2014 Georg Forster Award valued at 60,000 EUR granted by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.  He has received this award for his research that has shed light on the structures of soft and smart polymer materials and the relations between their structure and properties. Okay Group has developed new technologies such as reusable absorbent materials to collect petrol residue in seas and materials that can self repair and have shape memory behavior.  Oğuz Okay, who will be receiving a monetary award of 60 thousand Euro from the Foundation, will also get an additional 25 thousand Euro to contribute to his scientific studies and towards travel to scientific conferences.  Oguz Okay has also been invited to work on a research project in Germany with a research group of his choice. Nominated for this award by the Berlin Helmholtz Materials and Energy Research Center, Okay will conduct joint research in this institution for a period of 12 months starting from Februay 1, 2015.     link 1 & 2