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Static Light Scattering

 Multi-angle light scattering DAWN EOS (Wyatt Technologies Corporation) equipped with a vertically polarized 30mW Gallium-arsenide laser operating at 690 nm and 18 simultaneously detected scattering angles.   

Light scattering is a non-invasive technique for characterizing macromolecules and a wide range of particles in solution. In contrast to most methods for characterization, it does not require outside calibration standards. In this sense it is an absolute technique.

Classical Light Scattering/Static Light Scattering: Here, the intensity of the scattered light is measured as a function of angle. For the case of macromolecules, this is often called Rayleigh scattering and can yield the molar mass, rms radius, and second virial coefficient (A2). For certain classes of particles, classical light scattering can yield the size, shape, and structure.